Let's Get Together!

We meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except December.

We are continuing to meeting virtually during the pandemic. Our next meeting will be January 20th, Inauguration Day which is appropriate since we will also be voting on and installing our new club executive committee positions!


Meeting starts at 6:00pm. Be sure to wear your Biden/Harris gear as we celebrate their inauguration!!!

Guests are always welcome.

Club Elections • Nominations Now Open!

Are you or someone you know interested in stepping into a leadership role in the club? Take a moment and nominate yourself or fellow club member to run! The current Executive Committees would like to encourage any member to step-up to join or replace us. Go for it!

Executive Committee Positions:

President: The President shall preside at regular club meetings and call executive meetings when necessary. The President is also responsible for setting the agenda for Club Meetings and confirming guest speakers.

Vice President: The Vice President shall be available to take charge in the event that the President is unavailable. The Vice President is also responsible for co-running the meetings, managing the sign-in list and membership outreach.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall take minutes of the meetings and keep an account of club membership, keep a record of all club meetings, send to the membership the minutes of the previous meeting before the next club meeting and make note of additions and/or corrections.

Treasurer: The Treasurer, shall have charge of all funds of the Club, pay out money only upon the vote of the active membership, read to the membership all financial transactions, including a monthly statement of all treasury money. The treasurer, along with two other signators, shall be authorized to issue checks against the Club’s account for expenditures previously approved by the membership and exercise his/her authority only in an emergency.

Sergeant at Arms: The Sergeant at Arms shall be responsible for the national colors display and leading the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance at the opening of membership meetings and keeping order at the meetings. This includes being responsible for club signs, name tags and other items necessary to running an orderly meeting.

Social Media / Web Admin: Social Media/Web Administrator will be responsible for sending the Monthly Newsletter, maintaining the club's social media pages (ie Facebook, Twitter) and keeping the Club's website up to date. Social Media/Web Administrator will work with the executive committee to include announcements in the Monthly Newsletter, social media and website.

By mid to late December we will post the nominees on this page.

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